SeAT Auth Setup

SeAT is a ESI SSO tool to allow recruiters and Standards Directors to check characters prior to joining Standards Contracting as well as an ongoing tool to verify employees do not become compromised by hostile entities.

Our SeAT instance requires all ESI scopes. This is standard operation in most of EVE, where alliances are constantly at war and spies may put that alliance or corporation at risk. This extra access is temporarily provided to our recruitment team (by you - when joining the squad) when initially joining, and will be present for Standards Contracting Directors to review at any time.

Please note that this information is not visible to other members of Standards Contracting outside of top leadership and recruiters. Recruiters lose access to this information once you have joined the corporation.

  1. Sign in with your primary character and click the “Authorize” button.
  2. Note that the scopes may appear on the next page if you have not previously authenticated with this character to our SeAT instance. Click “Authorize” again if this appears.
  3. If you have multiple characters, in the upper-right corner, click the Settings cog and choose “Link Character”.
  4. Sign in with your additional account and/or character. You need to add any character(s) that you own. This includes characters that may be outside the corporation as well as characters that you own that you do not intend to join into Standards Contracting.
  5. Repeat the above process for any additional character(s) you own until you have added all characters.
  6. Browse to the SeAT Squads page and click on the squad named “Standards Recruits”
  7. Click the join button at the bottom of the page to join the squad. This puts you in queue for a character review!
  8. You're done! Let your recruiter know that you're all authed up and they will review your character(s) as soon as possible.
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