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-**Welcome to the Standards Contracting Wiki, employee!**+====== Home / Getting Started ====== 
 +===== Welcome to the Standards Contracting Wiki, potential or current employee! ===== 
 +==== Disclaimers ==== 
 +//Please note that pages listed in the "public" section of our wiki are public and open to everyone. Attempted access to internal [[public:about|Standards Contracting]] resources by non-authorized employees or affiliates will result in immediate (non-employment) termination via forced filamentation to [[|Pochven]].// 
 +==== About Standards Contracting ==== 
 +If you are interested in joining Standards Contracting or learning more about our corporation, please see our [[public:about]] page. 
 +==== New Employee Orientation ==== 
 +If you are new to Standards Contracting, welcome employee! Please review our guide on [[public:it:services|setting up the appropriate IT-related services]]. 
-TBD (this page is public content, what do we want to put here?) 
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